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Spatio-temporal Behavior Profiling

Victor de Graaff (2014-09-17 13.45-14.30 in ZI-2042)

In this presentation, we present the results of behavior profiling of students participating in a treasure hunt. This treasure hunt took place in the city of Enschede, The Netherlands, as a part of the welcome week for new students at the University of Twente. For this treasure hunt, the students used the mobile application Kick-In Quest. The students were motivated to actively participate by rewarding the team with the most points with a prize. Points could be earned by using as many devices as possible, and by answering questions right at the according location. Since answers needed to be correct in two ways, a total of four different answer types could be identified. We observed the students' behavior using interviews, a spatiotemporal analysis, and through a qualitative analysis of the given answers.

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