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Information extraction Sherlock Holmes-style

Maurice van Keulen (2015-05-20 13:45 - 14:30 in Carre 3244)

Yet another idea to achieve a good interpretation of “Paris hilton stayed in the paris hilton”

This presentation is about Information Extraction / Natural Language Processing. I will sketch a bit of state of the art, including what Mena and I have been up to. Then I will present a reformulation of the problem that I proposed in a position paper back in 2011 (URSW workshop). This reformulation of the problem hints at a different approach towards information extraction, which I have coined “Sherlock Holmes-style”. In the position paper I concluded with describing an underlying probability theory problem. Only now, after Brend has developed an implementation of our Probabilistic Datalog, do I have a real and handy means of actually performing and experimenting with Sherlock Holmes-style information extraction. I will demo a proof of concept.

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