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Big Sensor Data: Cassandra, Storm and more

Bram van der Waaij (TNO) (2014-02-06 10:45 in ZI-2042)

Bram van der Waaij, a former INF student at the UT and former employee of CTIT, will give a presentation on how TNO deals with large scale IT for cyber physical systems. Three existing large-scale-IT monitoring projects about dijk-monitoring, Smart Dairy Farming and Smart Grids, will be discussed. How do we store all the measurements safe and with easy access using Cassandra? How to incorporate existing expert models in the sensor data logistics? An approach is discussed about inline streaming sensor analyses using Storm. How to interact with the data and model results in a collaborative manner? This will give an insight in the work we are doing about Big Sensor Data in an operational and collaborative environment.

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